Learn how piezoelectric force measurement can optimize reaction wheel performance using Exported Force and Torque (EFT)
Reaction wheels play a crucial role in the success of space missions, but their performance depends on minimizing unwanted Exported Force and Torque (EFT). In our White Paper, experts from Kistler and Sinclair Interplanetary show how piezoelectric force technology can optimize EFT characterization for satellite reaction wheels.

Key topics discussed include:

  • Reaction wheel application issues, focusing on rotor imbalance
  • Piezoelectric force technology and force dynamometer design: theory and practice
  • Data acquisition, noise considerations and noise power spectral density
  • Calibration of the measurement chain, including crosstalk and linearity
  • Reaction wheel micro-vibration disturbances: the problems and the solution, with a test case

Benefit from clear insights into this critical spaceflight technology from five leading experts. Simply complete the form to order our White Paper!
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